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After winning SDLG’s Reliable Skills social media competition last year, Moroccan machine operator Abdellah Benkaaiba has attended a bespoke, two-day training programme, including site optimisation, from an expert SDLG instructor.

Last year, SDLG ran a social media campaign called ‘Reliable Skills’. It gave machine operators across Africa the chance to win a two-day operator training programme at their worksite.
The response was overwhelming; over 4,000 operators from 20 African countries participated. On October 31st, one lucky operator was drawn: Abdellah Benkaaiba, an excavator operator from Casablanca, Morocco.

Abdellah and four of his colleagues recently attended the training programme, led by an expert SDLG instructor. The training was especially adapted to Abdellah’s equipment and worksite – a pipe laying project just outside Casablanca. It included segments involving observation, theory, safety, practical implementation and worksite optimisation.
Over two inspiring days, Abdellah and his colleagues developed their operator skills and learned how to take advantage of all the fantastic features in the machines. “What we learn here today can really help me in my work,” said one of the operators. “The career possibilities are unlimited. I hope to do this for the rest of my life.”

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