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Peter Karlsson – Product Support Specialist, SDLG Sweden

Peter has more than 15 years of experience of working with manufacturing and after sales for construction equipment around the world. He has been working at SDLG for three years.

– As Product Specialist I support clients and dealers in the EMEA region with parts, technical information and warranty issues. I try to make sure that our customers can rely on their machines and get the support they need to keep them going.  In order to refine the functions of our machines, I am also involved in constantly educating our dealers about news, changes and calibrations available.

I enjoy working at SDLG because I want to be close to the customer and take part in the mission to constantly improve the products, the cooperation and the technical support that SDLG offers.

I’d say we do a very good job when it comes to keeping our clients and dealers happy. Getting positive feedback – that our products are built with reliable technology, have a good quality level and that we have great parts availability and customer support – is very rewarding. SDLG simply gives you much bang for the buck and a growing number of clients are appreciating that.

SDLG puts the customer first. Customer satisfaction is always the top priority in this company’s plans for development, and I really like that. A lot of large companies claim that they do, but it is rarely the case. SDLG is breaking new ground in the construction equipment area of the EMEA region – by offering great and affordable machines and great support. I look forward to the future with SDLG, I think we have a huge potential for gaining more market shares.